Don’t Let Discomfort Keep You from Being Healthy

I read an interesting article that a patient gave me that I think applies to a lot of people, especially when it comes to getting healthier.

The main point of the article is we all typically run from things that cause us discomfort, such as exercise or eating a healthy diet. Discomfort isn’t an intense pain, but we still have a fear of it because it means we have to leave our comfort zone. For example, some people feel discomfort while eating vegetables because it is not something that they regularly do, therefore it becomes uncomfortable.

Most people tend to run from this discomfort instead of facing it. When you are constantly running from discomfort, you are limiting yourself to a small comfort zone and you miss out on a lot of great things. If exercise and eating healthy food make you uncomfortable, this can lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Learning how to become okay with discomfort can lead to a better, healthier life, but how do you start? First, try it in small doses. If eating vegetables makes you uncomfortable, try a vegetable anyway. It might not be the best thing in the world, but it won’t be the worst either. You can actually learn to love vegetables if you try!

Second, immerse yourself in discomfort. Instead of avoiding certain emotions and covering them up with food, face those emotions and immerse yourself in them. It may be uncomfortable for a while, but you can find others ways to cope.

Third, seek discomfort by challenging yourself daily. Find something that is uncomfortable to you and do it, such as exercise. You might surprise yourself when it ends up not being as bad as you thought.

Fourth, watch yourself run from things. Notice what you have been avoiding because it causes discomfort. What have you allowed yourself to rationalize? When it comes to getting healthier, we can rationalize anything. For example, you are waiting to start exercising or waiting to start your “diet” once you aren’t so busy or once things calm down at home. Become aware of this process and learn how to stop yourself from avoiding things.

Fifth, learn that discomfort is your friend. Embracing discomfort and learning that it is not something to fear can be a really good thing. When you feel uncomfortable you are usually trying something new, such as a new food or your learning, expanding and becoming more than you were before.

Bottom line; don’t let your fear of discomfort keep you from becoming a healthier, happier person. Go out and try something new today! Maybe go for a walk or try a healthy recipe. Either way, it will most likely be easier than you thought. Check out the full article at