34 million Americans—just over 1 in 10—have Diabetes

88 million American adults—approximately 1 in 3—have Pre-Diabetes.

—CDC, National Diabetes Statistics Report 

While these numbers are alarming to the medical and healthcare community, a diagnosis of diabetes can be shocking and overwhelming to an individual and their family.  Diabetes is a complex chronic disease, but also a manageable disease. 

At Nutrition Consultants of Tulsa, we provide the tools to our patients to take control of their diabetes, instead of their diabetes controlling their life.  

We will develop an individualized plan based on your Diabetes and your needs. 


Our Registered Dietitians can help you:

·      Make achievable goals.

·      Manage weight (loss or gain).

·      Plan and prepare meals and snacks.

·      Understand the impact of different foods on your blood sugar control.

·      Define your individual goals for carbohydrate counting.

·      Plan for difficult situations.

·      Maximize glucose monitoring.

·      Achieve exercise goals and improve athletic performance.

·      Understand how your medications affect your blood sugar.

·      Understand sick day plans.

·      Avoid hypoglycemia.

·      Plan for travel.

·      Prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

·      Achieve cholesterol and blood pressure goals.