Beans, Beans, Beans!

Once known as a “poor man’s food”, beans are becoming more popular due to their many health benefits and should be considered the “healthy man’s food”.

Beans are full of protein, fiber, low in fat, and they deliver plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other healthful nutrients. There is an increased amount of research that links a diet rich in beans with a reduced risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon and other cancers, as well as improved weight control.

Not only are beans great for you, but they are also cheap and super easy to use in millions of delicious recipes. Substituting beans for meat is a great way to get more beans in your diet. There is such a wide variety of beans to choose from, such as black, pinto, lima, soy, garbanzo, kidney, lentils, mung, navy, and black-eyed peas.

One reason individuals stay away from beans is due to their gaseous effects.

Here are some good tips to cut down on the gas so you can keep eating those healthy beans!

·      Soak the beans and rinse before cooking

·      Start slowly with adding in beans and let your body get used to the fiber increase

·      Chew thoroughly to help break down the beans

·      Grab a Beano or other gas relieving product before you eat

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