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Holiday Eating Tips

1. Don’t skip meals. This backfires because you come to the next meal really hungry and eat more than intended. 2. Fill up on lower calorie, nutrient dense foods such as fruits, veggies, popcorn, and lean cold cuts on whole grain bread. 3. Make just one trip to the party buffet. 4. Use a plate […]

Lights, Camera, Action! And overeating?

Most of us already know that watching television is associated with higher food consumption and a sedentary lifestyle. This is sometimes called mindless eating or paired eating, which is eating while doing another activity, such as watching television. More research is showing that the type of movie and TV show we are watching may influence […]

The Great Soy Debate!

  Is soy really bad for you? Or should we all be eating more of it? Unfortunately, if you read anything on the Internet, you might confuse yourself even more. That’s because some studies suggest soy might be linked to breast cancer, may destroy your thyroid, strip your masculinity, block vitamin and mineral absorption and […]

Where are Kids Getting Their Empty Calories?

In the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a study compared children’s empty calorie consumption from three different sources, retail food stores, schools, and fast food restaurants. It also identified food groups that were top contributors of empty calories from each location and it determined the location providing the majority of calories for […]

Carbohydrates: A Love/Hate Relationship

A common theme that has been plaguing America is our love/hate relationship with carbohydrates. We treat them like a disease, avoiding them at all cost, yet we yearn for them and even dream about eating carbohydrates. Let’s say we put a stop to the madness! Carbohydrates are NOT bad! Carbohydrates provide our bodies with energy, […]

Wake Up To Vegetables For Breakfast

A common remark we all have heard is “eat your vegetables”, but most Americans still don’t consume even close to the recommended amount. We know veggies are good for us, but why is it so hard to get them in? We might think to add them in with lunch and dinner, but what about breakfast? […]

Supplements…Friend or Foe?

Currently, 70% of women over the age of 50 are taking calcium supplements to improve bone strength. Unfortunately, calcium supplements have been linked to an increase risk for heart attacks. Not to mention, our bodies only absorb 500 mg or less at a time, even though supplements are usually at least 1,000 mg or more. […]

The Flat Belly Diet…Busted!

Most likely you have seen the online ads for the “flat belly diet” or other diets promising to decrease your waist and “melt” away abdominal fat by eating and avoiding certain foods. Some of these adds show a picture of a banana and immediately get you questioning how healthy are bananas? Is there any truth […]

Saturated Fat: Is It Really Bad?

Saturated fat has always been labeled as a “bad” fat and thought to increase your risk for cardiovascular disease. However, recent headlines have claimed saturated fat is no longer “bad” based on a study done in March 2014 from the Annals of Internal Medicine. This study concluded that our current dietary guidelines, which limits saturated […]

Popcorn, the Healthy Food with a Bad Rap

Popcorn has always been one of those forbidden foods that most people try to avoid. However, popcorn can actually be a healthy snack and it taste great too! Popcorn is a whole grain, which means it contains a good amount of fiber and is a healthier alternative to those low-nutrient, fatty, salty snacks, such as […]